floppy_disk_walking_md_wht.gif (21568 bytes)Downloadable Files:

bulletEetronics.com new number setup file. This file will setup your computer to the new access numbers only. You will need to put in your user name and password. Be sure to close all programs before installing.


bulletEetronics setup to new number and email. This file will do as the above file but also reset your email. ****Caution**** do not use this file if your connection is one user name and the email is another. (( Example jobob user name and then email is jobob@nankipoo.com. Then this file will work. )) If it is jobob user name but fastfood@nankipoo.com for email then it will cause the fastfood@nankipoo.com to not work on your end.


bulletReally cool dialup connection chooser ((Test version) **Note it will give a warning about trial period is up, just ignore it) This file only sets the dial in number but does have a really cool number to dial menu. 


bulletWeather Bug This is real cool program. It gets weather and alerts automatically
bulletWinzip 7.0 Use this ver if 8.0 would not work.
bulletWinzip 8.0 This is a must have program if you plan on downloading from the net.
bulletMSIE 5.5 A very good browser If you don't have you need it. I know if you are using any other browser then you are missing some neet stuff on the Net.
bulletDownload Dunce This is a great program if you hate to re-enter your pass word all the time. It also has the ability to log on a pre-set time to get e-mail, or the latest from a particular web site. This program was designed for windows 95 but will work on other operating systems as well.
bulletDownload free .pdf file viewer acrobat reader This link is intended for Windows 95 and Higher
bullethttp://www.aol.ca/aim/download.adp  This is a free program!

Eetronics makes no guarantees as to the effect of these software downloads to your system. These files have been tested by our staff to work on typical systems. You should always backup your system files before installing software.    

Click download now then choose "save to disk". After downloading close browser, and double click downloaded file. Be sure to make note of where you downloaded the file to. The easiest place to find it again is the desktop.

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