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New and Old Stories from around the County

Knob Creek being Destroyed ?Copy of DCP00281.jpg (59733 bytes)

If you are from around the county or if you have lived in the Edith nankipoo area. Then you know about knob creek.

Its a place that to someone that doesn't appreciate it for it's natural beauty, might just drive by, and say it's just a creek. A place to through out the trash.

It is more than that, did you know that Knob Creek is :

bulletThe only significant Fresh flowing spring water in a 300 mile radius.
bulletA (once) destination for many families to relax in a pristine environment.
bulletHome of several species of fish, that act as a nursery for fish that end up in the Mississippi river.
bulletUnique botanical species
bulletA safe place for young and old to ride walk and ride horses
bulletSource of natural cleansing of water that circulates back to our drinking water (water table)
bulletBroad expanses of clean sand for the young and old play and relax.

Old time debate:

Who owns it?

I believe that any free flowing water is owned by the people. If someone knows were to find this in the law, please send it to me.

The land owners located at each end have often exercised there right to remove people from their land, but I submit that as long as it regards to the flowing water. We all have the right to explore it.

What do you think?

The Bridge:

I wish I had some photos from before the edifice called a bridge was constructed. If you have any pictures please send them to me.

In the summer of the year 2000 the county constructed a new bridge, and tore down the old one. I do not oppose this construction. I admit the old bridge was a safety hazard. However; in their attempt to improve the location after the bridge construction they brought in a large numbers of shore lining rocks. Rocks that are not from around here. If you have information regarding their origin let me know. These rocks are used to prevent erosion around the pillars of the bridge. A understandable motivation. The problem I have with these rocks is they DESTROY the environment in many ways. We as citizens think that our government knows and cares about the environment. This is NOT true in this case! If you get out of your car and take a close look at the damage that is being done. You will understand the shortsightedness of our government.


bulletThe rocks used to line contain chemicals (I am attempting at this time to determine what kind) It is very evident to even the untrained eye the level of toxins in these rocks, just break one apart and smell it.
bulletIn my research chemical stains have appeared on the DOWN stream side of the bridge.
bulletA decrease in fish population on the DOWN stream site of the bridge.
bulletRapid growth of Non native plants brought on by close grouping of rocks.
bulletThe grouping of these rocks are causing:
  1. Pooling of contaminates
  2. Breading ground for mosquitoes
  3. Introduction of Non native plants
  4. Destruction of the "Usability of the location as nature intended"
  5. Transforming a safe place to a dangerous one for children

Copy of DCP00281.jpg (59733 bytes)

Notice the RED discoloration in the water, this is just one of the many examples of pollution.
Also note the disruption in the landscape.
More contamination down streamDcp00280.jpg (204267 bytes)
UpstreamDcp00284.jpg (235355 bytes)

What can we do?

We are trying to get together a list of concerned citizens, and send this list to Washington. If you have an interest in your community and would like to help stop the destruction please go to Stop Knob Creek Destruction and leave your name and e-mail address.


The opinions in this story are my own. They do not reflect the opinions of Eetronics or its shareholders.This story is not the result of any scientific examination. You should never trespass a area or property if clearly marked as no trespassing.

Author: Lowell Tillman

Do you know a example of contamination or pollution in your town? e-mail us



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