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Get the latest version of Microsoft's excellent free Web browser, Internet Explorer. Current IE 5.0 users probably won't notice much difference, as Internet Explorer 5.5 initially looks and feels just like its immediate predecessor. However, poke around a bit and you'll see a much-needed Print Preview feature along with enhancements in printing performance. IE 5.5 also offers improved DHTML behavior support, additional support for vertical text and Cascading Style Sheets, and several Internet tweaks that are included in Windows Me. Download and run this installation wizard, choose which options you want to install, and then sit back as the utility creates and delivers a customized setup routine. The needed pieces are retrieved from the Internet and installed, and then, depending on what you selected, your system is restarted. The typical set of components to install includes Internet Explorer, Outlook Express, Windows Media Player, and several multimedia enhancements.

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