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Support Table of Contents

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  1. How do I contact sales or Support dept ?
  2. Where can I find Nankipoo?
  3. Why doesn't my computer connect?
  4. How  To upgrade my browser?
  5. How do I speed up my computer
  6. I need help installing e-mail or setting up
  7. I can get to all local pages but nothing else?
  8. My email gives an error
  9. I can not connect all of a sudden
  10. Error 691 
  11. Connection Problems ( come and go )
  12. More information about "Noise on the Line"
  13. It takes FOREVER to connect This will explain the Number one reason for slow dial up times.
  14. The computer you are dialing is not answering 


If you are having trouble connecting please use the support forum at the left. 

 As a backup All of you have a at least two email accounts your normal domain and

Enter your user name and password

Also check your email at the New webmail 


How do I contact Sales or Support dept?

Phone: (731) 285-5936 Monday thru Sat 9am to 5pm Sat 10am to 4pm

Lowell's Number 731 836 5659 Not there much mostly out doing service calls. Call the number above to schedule one.

or e-mail at


Also our partner Ecsis

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Where can I find Nankipoo?

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Why doesn't my computer connect... ?

[There can be many reasons here are some things to check]

After installing setup disk have you shut down your computer?

Check the plugs on the sys there are usually two one is line one for another phone.

Have you downloaded a program lately? Some program can affect the settings of your modem. You may need to reinstall the software provided to configure your system again. Also sometimes it may be necessary to reinstall your modem drivers.

To determine if you need to reinstall your modem drivers, do the following:

Left click the start button the choose settings, then choose control panel, then double click modems. There should be a list of  modems. Click on the tab at top called diagnostics, then click the icon that corresponds with your modem. Then click more info. You should get a list of commands in a box listing your modems settings. If you get any other type of response then you may need to re-install the modem driver or the modem itself may need replacing.

If you are uncomfortable in doing any of the above procedures. Call Phone: (731) 285-5936 or e-mail  to setup a FREE inspection of your system (available to customers only).

If you are trying to log on as a new customer of and it is determined that a new modem is required. Eetronics will install this first modem Free of charge. You can't get a better deal than that. We are determined to make your online experience as easy as possible.

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How do I upgrade my browser ... ?

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How do I speed up my computer?

There many things that can affect your web surfing speed.

How fast are you logging on?

You should be logging on at least at 28.8 (you can determine this by rolling your mouse pointer over the connection icon at the lower right) If not you should change your modem.

Quality of your phone lines. You should have a single line from your computer straight to the phone jack on the back of your house. Any frayed wiring in your home will contribute to "Noise on the Line" , and reduce your speed.

The amount of RAM in your system. Basically more is better, if you have 32 meg or less you should think about upgrading your RAM to about 64 or maybe 128.

Video card. As the web gets more and more graphical there is an increasing need for a good video card. If you do not know what a video card is don't worry. Just think of it as a device that creates the pictures on your screen. You can get a really good buy on video cards these days for around $65.00 to $120.00 for a really good one.

Just remember that ALL these things work together in increasing your web surfing speed. How do you know if you  are needing some upgrades? If your system is 3 years old or older then your are probably not surfing as fast as you could be.

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I need help installing e-mail or setting up

If you are new customer of and are having trouble setting up your dialup access or setting up your e-mail system. Call Phone: (731) 285-5936 or e-mail request to , and we will schedule a appointment to install this initial setup at NO charge. (additional service calls will be billed)

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I can get to all local pages but nothing else

If the connection to the internet is being tested, or if there is a failure at the Halls Bell South office. This will occur, although this is rare. Since opening in September of 2000 we have only experienced this 3 or 4 times.

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My email gives an error

The most common causes for email errors are caused by mostly the following:

bulletA email in the out box that can't be delivered because of a bad address. Just open the outbox and delete the email.
bulletBe sure you are connected the internet. There should be an indication located at the lower right of the screen.
bulletYour system could be low of resources. This means your system starts to run slower than it has.  Just re-start your system and try again. Basically if in doubt re-start the system.


I can not connect all of a sudden

The number one, two, and three causes for failure to connect problems are.

  1. Bad password or user name. Your password can easily get changed by accident. Make sure you are typing it correctly, and that the cap lock is off. Often your password may not be what you thought it was. Give us a call and we can check it for you.
  2. Have you experienced a electrical storm at your location? It does not take much to lose a modem to lightning. Your system can even be turned off and still be at risk to lightning. The only sure fired method of protection for a storm, is to unplug the phone cable from the wall.  How to check your modem. Go to the control panel and double click the modem icon. Then click the diagnostics tab. Then choose your modem. Then at the bottom click "More info". The system will check your modem with a bunch of commands. If you have a major modem problem it will show up with an error message. If a error does occur during this test there is no way it will connect to the internet it it's current state. If you would like we can install a new modem for you. If you are a current customer of Eetronics we will install a new modem for only the cost of the modem, no labor.
  3. If no of the above appear to be the trouble you  may have too much "noise" on the line. Do the following, disconnect all other phones, run a direct line to the phone box from your system, or purchase a noise filter.
  4. More information about "Noise on the Line"


Error 691

Your computer is having difficulty communicating with your modem.

Error 691 means that your computer is having difficulty communicating with your modem. Ensure that is it turned on and properly connected.

Try restarting your computer.

You may need to reinstall your modem drivers that came with your modem and upgrade to V.90.

Possibly your modem is broken, in which case, purchasing a new modem is the only solution.

Why Does it Take so Long to Connect?


It takes FOREVER to connect

Slow Log In?

There are a couple of possibilities to look at here, and we'll look at the more obvious of the two choices first. Try the section below in red first, it is the number one reason for slow dial up times.

First Possibility

It's possible that the machine is attempting to load unnecessary protocols and this could cause a delay when attempting to log on to the network. To check the possibility of this do the following:
bulletDouble click on My Computer.
bulletDouble click on Dial up Networking
bulletYou should see your Eetronics connection in this window.
bulletRIGHT click with your right mouse button on the Eetronics icon and a small menu should pop up.
bulletLEFT click on Properties.
bulletNow, depending on the version of Windows that you have you will see either a tab at the top or a button in the lower right hand corner that says Server Types, click on it.
bulletUnder Advanced Options, make sure that there is no check mark in the box labeled Log Onto Network. If there is, just click on it once with your left mouse button and it should go away.
bulletNow, under Allowed Network Protocols, make sure that IPX/SPX Compatible protocol and NetBEUI are NOT checked, if they are, click on them one at a time and remove the check marks.
bulletNext, click on the TCP/IP SETTINGS button to the lower right, and make sure there is a mark next to SERVER ASSIGNED IP ADDRESS at the top of the screen, then, in the middle of the screen, there should also be a mark next to SERVER ASSIGNED NAME ADDRESSES, and DNS.  Both of the WINS numbers should be all zeros, and both boxes at the bottom should have checks in them.
bulletDepending on the version of Windows that you have you will need to click OK until you exit the Properties menu for the Eetronics connection.
bulletClose the Dial Up Networking Window, close My Computer.
bulletNow you can attempt to log back onto the Internet and enjoy the quick log on process.


Second Possibility

When you attempt to dial the Internet it is normal to hear "noises" coming from the modem, this is referred to as the negotiation stage. These may sound similar to the sound a fax machine makes when dialing another fax machine.
bulletThis "noisy" process normally only take 5-8 seconds when connecting to the Internet, if it takes longer than this it may indicate a problem with the modem or the phone line.
bulletIf the negotiation seems to go on forever or for 20-30 seconds, but your modem does eventually log on, it can still indicate a problem. If this is the case you might try placing two commas after the phone number that you use to dial into Eetronics, this should correct the problem.
bulletIf this does not help, feel free to contact our technical support department for additional help.

The computer you are dialing is not answering 

First try dialing with your voice handset phone. If you hear a fax machine type noise. That means that or computers ARE answering. 

  1. Make sure that the dialer is not dialing the area code. See Below
  2. Disable the connection timeout. See Below

How to disable to the area code in the properties of the dialer

  1. Double click on My Computer
  2. Double click on Dialup Networking
  3. Right click on your Eetronics dialer
  4. Click on properties
  5. Make sure there is not a check mark in "Use country code and area code" (Windows95) or "Use area code in dialing properties" (Windows98).
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Disabling the connection timeout
  1. Double click on My Computer
  2. Double click on Dialup Networking
  3. Right click on your dialer
  4. Click on properties
  5. Click on the Configure button toward the bottom of the screen
  6. Click on the Connection tab on the top of the screen
  7. Make sure there is no check mark in "Cancel call if not connected within 60 seconds"

Other possibility:

 Before a handshake:
A "No answer" prior to hearing the modems handshake means that either there is something wrong with the number being dialed (check for 10-digit dialing / long distance, etc.) or that there is something wrong with the modem or modem driver referred to in the Dial-up Networking profile. Having the incorrect modem listed in the profile is a common problem as a result of upgrading, double-installs of the modem or other installation difficulties.

 After a handshake:
If the same message occurs after the modems are done handshaking, then this would point to problems in the communication of the two modems.  Reduce the baud rate to at least 38400, and make sure that "only connect at this speed' is NOT checked.  This happens quite a bit with 56K modems.   Disable the 56K protocol, by adding the appropriate string to the Extra Settings box.  Here are a handful of common init strings:
For X2 modems For 56Kflex modems For V.90 modems
ATS32=32 ATS38=0 AT-V90=0
ATS32=98 AT+MS=V34 For a more extensive list of 56K init strings, try
  AT+MS=11,1 You can also try disabling error control, this might work sometimes.


Two  new access numbers went into affect
October 25, 2004
 The new numbers are 
836-5556  and 836-0271
Just change the number that comes up at dialup

or go to

This is a setup file that will install your user name password and update your access number to the new one. 


 Or ask a question at the FAQ center

Check the Frequently asked questions below


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