There are some real nasty viruses out there these days. If you are not running a anti-virus program it is not a question of if , but WHEN you will get a virus. I recommend Norton anti virus. Web site:
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4-23-2002 W32.Klez
W32.Klez and its variants are mass-mailing email worms. Click here for removal instructions.

is a MAPI worm that emails itself out as one of several different file names. This worm also drops a backdoor trojan that logs keystrokes.


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Fast-spreading code is weapon of choice for Net vandals

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By Robert Lemos
Special to CNET
March 15, 2001, 4:00 a.m. PT

Kak Worm

A VBS.KakWorm Virus has appeared in some users. It is considered a fairly tame virus because it does not do any permanent damage. To see if you have been infected go to Norton's AV site and download the file indicated. Or click here to get it now. It will tell you after running if your system had the bug or not. Also if you do allot of e-mailing you should be running a virus software of some type. There are free versions on the web. The best virus software I recommend is Norton's. Go to Eetronics Software for further information.

Go To Nortons Site to Read More about this and other viruses

This information can be found on Norton's Site

VBS.KakWorm spreads using Microsoft Outlook Express. It attaches itself to all outgoing messages via the Signature feature of Outlook Express and Internet Explorer newsgroup reader.

The worm utilizes a known Microsoft Outlook Express security hole so that a viral file is created on the system without having to run any attachment. Simply reading the received email message will cause the virus to be placed on the system.

Microsoft has patched this security hole. The patch is available fromar-arrow.gif (5402 bytes) Microsoft's website. If you have a patched version of Outlook Express, this worm will not work automatically.

Click here to download tool to repair Wscript.Kakworm damage and check to see if you are infected.