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Welcome to the Christmas Goodies Chest

orangearrow.gif (58 bytes)Northpole.com Fun stuff for the kid in all of us.
orangearrow.gif (58 bytes)Santa.com Some neat Christmas stuff
orangearrow.gif (58 bytes)Christmas greeting Cards
orangearrow.gif (58 bytes)Go to Wintertime Songbook
orangearrow.gif (58 bytes)A good site to remind us what Christmas is really about.
We plan to add to this page all during the holidays. Come back often to see what has been added. If you have a cute screen saver or graphic send it to pages@eetronics.com

After clicking download now choose save to disk. The best place to save to is the desktop. You are sure to be able to find it from there. Once download is complete, you can launch it by double clicking it.

csanta.gif (5418 bytes) xbear1.gif (4898 bytes)Here is a really neet program the kids will love. Its a graphic program that lets them decorate a tree. It has music also. file size 1.2 meg should take about 2 to 3 minutes at 28k connection. Download now
!frsty3l.gif (4554 bytes)This is a animation of Rudolph. It has a funny ending. It also has music. Download Now

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